Picture of a ‘civilized man’ on the path of destroying nature

If you asked me what came to mind when I hear the word “empire” a year ago, the first thought that would’ve popped up in my head would be the famous Roman Empire. When I asked my roommates what they thought, they answered similarly. It seems like everyone has a vague idea of what an empire is, but in my opinion, an empire is an entity, group, or organization that works towards an ideal goal. Of course, this definition of mine leaves much to be desired, but many will agree that terms such as ambition, power, and glory are typically associated with the word “empire”. In comparison, the term “ruins” is self-explanatory. In following the context of what an empire is, ruins are what’s left over after the empire falls or what is devastated by an empire.

Political cartoon of McDonald’s and businesses that profit from the restaurant by political artist Daryl Cagle

Now, there are many examples of what is an empire all around us in our daily lives. A popular example would be an influential country like the United States or a famous fast food restaurant chain like McDonald’s. Fast food restaurant chains like McDonald’s can be considered an empire due to their vast influence on the country’s food culture and their availability in multiple countries. Its overwhelming popularity is an aspect an empire works towards and maintains. Meanwhile, a possible example of “ruins” for this particular empire would be the health of the consumers. After all, its primary sales are from fast food, a questionable variable in our modern era in which obesity is increasingly alarming.

A recurring element of the empire is, of course, the fact that everything comes to an end and hence the ruins. An empire like McDonald’s has risen and flourished, but it has also, in the course of its existence, caused the “ruin” of many. McDonald’s can also be ruined by a new fast food restaurant food chain, but in the case of an empire like the United States, what factors can cause it to become a “ruin”? Would becoming a “ruin” consist of physical change as in becoming a third world country, or does it mean changing the current regime?  Finally, how do the ruins of previous epochs affect the United States as an empire?


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